H&M’s new eco collection has pieces made from pineapple leaves and orange peel

Eco-fashion is, thankfully, becoming more mainstream as brands are rethinking how to offer ethically sourced products to customers.

Some brands are more committed to ethical fashion than others. And H&M is trying to prove its commitment to the environment with its Conscious Exclusive range, which just dropped its 2019 spring collection.

Taking inspiration from the wonders of planet earth and different communities, the Swedish brand is using new, sustainable materials.

The collection is made from Piñatex (a leather alternative made from the leaves of the pineapple plant), an orange fiber textile (made from citrus peel from juice production) and bloom foam (made from algae).

Bold prints inspired by plants and trees are major features and the colour palette is inspired by healing crystals with colours including lavender, aqua blue, petrol blue and coral pink along with black, gold and silver.

You’ll have to wait until 11 April though when the line drops online and at all H&M stores.

Who said ethical fashion has to cost a fortune?

(Picture: H&M)

‘The Conscious Exclusive Spring 2019 collection is the perfect mix of glamour and effortless style,’ H&M said in a press release.

‘Inspired by the wonders of planet Earth, the collection explores the healing power and beauty of nature, while also embracing technology and innovation in the development of sustainable materials and processes, for a more sustainable fashion future.’

You can expect to see dramatic ruffles, uneven hems, cut-outs, silhouettes, v-necklines and sparkling sequins.

(Picture: H&M)

Other sustainable materials in the collection include recycled polyester, organic cotton, linen, and silk, recycled plastic, recycled glass, and recycled silver.

H&M wants to show customers it means business when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

The brand is said to source 57% of its materials from a sustainable resource. By 2040, H&M wants to be known as a climate positive value chain.

We can definitely get behind that.

(Picture: H&M)


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